Die Tänzerin Gertrude Kraus | Martin IMBODEN, Wien, um 1933


Rare professional photo [1] by Martin Imboden who was a Swiss photographer (1893-1935) [2].

As I found this item in Vienna, I thought it may date to 1929-1934 when Imboden lived in Vienna and used to make photographical studies for a dance school held by a woman named Gertrud Kraus [2].

After a few clicks online I learned that the featured woman was Gertrud Kraus herself [3], dated about 1933. She was a prominent Jewish dancer and lived from 1901-1977 [4].

[1]…”Kampf”, labeled “FOTO IMBODEN” on Mimosa Gravura, 144×89 mm, flea market find (€ 1 🙂 )

[2]…wikipedia.org: Martin Imboden, 22.12.2016

[3]…ethz.ch, Fotosammlung Imboden, 22.12.2016

[4]…wikipedia.org: Gertrud Kraus, 22.12.2016




some years after | 1920ies fashion


Two b/w RPPCs from Austria, dating 1923 [2/right hand side] and some years before [1/left hand side].

The two photos feature one and the same young woman showing adorable 1920ies fashion like elegant shoes, nylons, an art deco dress and – as she grew some years older – a quite modern white pull-over.

[1]…RPPC, unlabeled, undated, 138×88 mm.

[2]…RPPC, labeled “Photogr. Atelier L. Kiechel, Wien, XII. Schönbrunnerstraße 226”, dated “1923”, 139×88 mm


mother, daughter and doll | mid 1920ies

generations_051 generations_051a

Vintage unlabeled contact print probably from the mid 1920ies showing a young mother with her daughter who proudly presents her dressed celluloid doll.

Fashion enthusiasts! Mind mother’s fashy Art Déco stockings and her timeless coat. Take a look at the girl’s polished rubber boots. Isn’t that cool stuff for these odd days?

Bright White | Birkigter Garten | May, 1925


This happens to be another master photography from the mid 1920ies [1]. Mind the perfectly balanced contrasts and symmetry and the stunning focus. The young mother seems to be shining as she steps out of the shadows of Birkigter Garden which is supposed to be (or to have been) located in Western Bohemia. The two neat girls were certainly fascinated by the photographer and his equipment.

[1]…Photo post card, labeled “ALFRED KRAUS, BODENBACH”, image developed on “FOTO BAYER”, dated 1925/05

Seducive Fifties

w_001_ w_002_ w003_

Three negative slides [1] showing a brunette young woman outdoors, at the beach and in white underwear and stockings. What brilliant black and white reminders of stylish and seducive times.

[1]…Two slides of PERUTZ measuring 60 x 60 mm ad one of unknown production measuring 24 x 36 mm, all three of them scanned and inverted.

Four muddy water queens | Austria | 1920

Albumen print, Austria, ~1920

Weird albumen photo postcard dating back to the years after the great war. This site should be located next to some river branch or small lake in Austria. I must confess that I do not have any clue what this scene is all about, but somehow I like its composition.

Feline Street Scene | Austro-Hungarian Empire | ~1918

Austro-Hungarian Empire | Brno, ~ 1918

Unlabeled silver gelatine photo postcard from Brno, CZ, former Austro-Hungarian Empire. Nice image dealing with working fashion items of these days. The advertisements are about sauerkraut/pickled cabbage and Sidol Sirax (a metal polishing powder).