Young Couple | German Reich, 1939 – 45

One of the war winters 1939-1945

These two young pretty human beings smile just as if there was no war in sight or going on. Hope they did not harm anybody and did not get harmed. Unlabeled 6×9 cm silver bromide slide.

Winter world | ~ 1980

Anonymous, Austria 1980

This is a post war 6×6 cm silver bromide photo taken by a truely gifted amateur – considering its technique, its composition and its meaning.

  • Colour balance: White/grey/black. Imagine handling a non digital camera under circumstances like these – bright sun shining on a snow covered landscape. Mind the snow rods as indicators of a really good sense for imaging contrasts.
  • Sovereignty and dignity: Just look at her and hope you’re as fit and cool in your old days. Without any smartphone in your handbag. Without any car taking you up to your village no matter how much snow covers the streets. Without your aluminum light weight nordic walking sticks or gore tex boots to get you up there. Without complaining about each and every minor affair.