Still giving | ~ 1930

VELOX glossy paper, ~ 1930

…still caring after all these years.

Big VELOX contact print from a 1930ies glass negative. Grandmother’s resignation, juvenile gratitude and childlike unconcern, all of this banned  in front of a rusty iron fence stuck into a crumbling concrete mount. Could be located in Interbellum Vienna. Respect goes out to this photographer.

Nude with plastic fitting | 1960

getting wet 50 years ago
getting wet 50 years ago

This is a small post war contact print dating to the late 1950ies or early 1960ies. Good to know these plastic shower heads and tubes have disappeared from our bathrooms ^^

very old and very young | 1925/08/08

Viennese backyard, August 1925

Glossy silver gelatine contact print from Vienna, dated 1925/08/08.  The image comes from a very ambitious amateur Austrian photographer. Glad to have caught some of his private photos. Most of his images are brilliant like this one. No need to take 500 snapshots and then worry which one to keep. Think, consider, breathe in deeply, take aim and take ONE photo, you neurotic new age bastards.

btw///Just imagine when the elderly woman was born. Should have been in the 1850ies (!)